This event is hosted by the Denver Kids, Inc. Young Professionals Council and all proceeds go directly to this impactful nonprofit. Denver Kids, Inc. helps students, grades K-12, who face the challenges of higher-risk environments, successfully complete high school, pursue post-secondary options, and become contributing members of the community. Come party with a purpose.

Carnivál 2015 Sponsorship Opportunities still available! Contact Us for details.

The Young Professionals Council would like to thank the following sponsors of Carnivál: A Night in Rio 2015:

At Interactive Health, it’s our mission to create healthy companies by improving employee health. Why? Because we believe employees are an invaluable resource and will help drive a competitive advantage. We’re passionate about our work, proud to be the nation’s largest provider of employer-sponsored wellness programs, and ready to hit the ground running.

iHeartRadio is a free, all-in-one digital radio service that lets you find more than 1,500 Live Stations or create commercial-free, all-music Custom Stations featuring songs from the artist you select and similar music.

At Blue Moon Brewing Company®, we believe brewing is an art. And it's been that way since our head brewmaster and founder, Keith Villa, first creating Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale back in 1995 in downtown Denver, Colorado.

DynaFile is scan to cloud document management software. Go paperless fast with scanning automation tools and consolidate all of your documents in one secure online file system. You can access your filing cabinet from anywhere to share files, collaborate in the cloud and sign documents electronically. Get started today!

Bella Diva Dance is a Denver-based world dance company that strives to bring the magic of movement to Colorado women, while also creating a community for these women to be a part of.

 Taste the history of Colorado with Tivoli Brewing Co.

 At Cranellis we take great pride in sourcing the best quality ingredients available using pure, simple, and local flavors in our made from scratch menu.

Construction Incorporated provides a single source for owners as they search for properties, navigate design, and manage construction. From concept to move-in, owners can have one point of contact to help them organize the chaos of relocating, building from scratch or even developing.

In Colorado, it’s estimated that 50,000 homes receive some type of storm damage or hail damage each year. Infinity Roofing & Siding are Colorado’s best roofing contractor specializing in the type of siding and roof damage Coloradans face year round, both residential and commercial. 

Baroness Wines is the most dynamic Fine Wine distributor in Colorado. We offer a full range of domestic and imported wines from some of the world's finest producers. We pride ourselves on representing wines that offer outstanding values, no matter the price.

 Ethan Bellamy is a Managing Director at Robert W. Baird & Co. an employee-owned wealth management, capital markets, asset management and private equity firm with $105 billion in client assets.

At SAF, we strive to give you relief. Our company credo for personalized attention means you get to leave the office at 5 p.m. and not worry. You get to spend more time with family and friends and not worry. You get to have that “board meeting” on the ski slopes and not worry. You can coach that critical soccer game for your kids or play chauffeur to your Little League team – worry-free.

YOLO Rums have been created to meet a growing demand for quality rums in an exploding market. They are the perfect marriage of an ancient craft with modern tastes. YOLO, Ltd., founded in Denver, Colorado, has established a partnership with Consorsio Licorero Nacional S.A. of Panama City, Panama. It is a unique pairing that benefits rum aficionados searching for the ultimate rum experience.

 Flood and Peterson’s philosophy is simple: develop long term relationships built on trust and provide the most cost effective risk management programs. The trust earned from our client partners is our greatest asset.

KPMG Corporate Finance LLC’s investment bankers have extensive transaction and industry experience, which enables them to understand the issues and challenges our clients face. Our experienced professionals provide objective insight at every step of the transaction process, including analyzing strategic options, assessing value, structuring the deal, designing mechanisms for presenting the deal to the marketplace, managing the transaction process, and negotiating and securing the optimal terms for a successful closing.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is designed to be savored by spirit connoisseurs and everyday drinkers alike. It is microdistilled in an old-fashioned pot still, just like fine single malt scotches and high-end French cognacs. This time-honored method of distillation requires more skill and effort than modern column stills, but it’s well worth it.

 Leblon Cachaça is for anyone who wants to discover this great new spirit at its best. Cachaça, the third most-consumed spirit in the world,is the key ingredient to the Caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink. Cachaça (ka-SHAH-sa) is made from fresh-pressed cane juice fermented and distilled, and can only come from Brazil.

Sasser Stills + Motion is Denver-based photographer and videographer, specializing in weddings and senior portraits.

Cara Mia is produced by the family farmers in La Delizia in the heart Grave del Fruili, which is located in northeastern Italy. Their approach might be summed up as a respect for tradition alongside a commitment to innovation. For more than 80 years, the farmers of La Delizia have insisted that quality must be paramount in everything they do. The farmers utilize state-of-the-art technology in the vineyards to continually monitor humidity levels in the soil, ambient temperature, sugar levels and many other metrics they consider critical to the optimal development of the berries on the vine. The farmers pay particular attention to clonal selection, micro-climatic conditions and achieving perfect physiological ripeness for every cultivar.

 Add more fun and laughs to any event! The Laughing Photo Booth joins with you at your event, sharing excellent photo strips and unmatched friendly service in an affordable way!